Where To Watch A March Madness Game In Nyc

Find out where you can watch a game in New York City during the March Madness NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament in 2022.

Even though a few games are being held across the state in Buffalo, this year’s March Madness is avoiding the Big Apple (and slightly further afield in Philadelphia).

Despite this, New York City is a basketball town, and fans can find plenty of venues to watch one of the most significant months in college basketball.

Here is a short list of the city’s top sports arenas if you want to avoid driving to see a game or two in person.

To focus solely on the game, download the NYBC Luxury app and schedule a ride ahead of time. You can avoid using public transit or bargaining with a local cab company by planning your vacation.


There is a little bit of everything in Manhattan, and sports pubs are certainly not excluded. You have several options if you’re in this most glittering of boroughs.

Sláinte in Nolita, right above Little Italy, is a favorite spot for sports fans in Manhattan. Even though it might be a little smaller than some people are used to, the bar’s size creates a cozy feel. It may be your best option if you prefer watching basketball through the gaps in your fingers while surrounded exclusively by people who understand how seriously to take a game.

Additionally, the fantastic assortment of food and beverages ensures that you won’t go without, and selecting from the enormous variety of beers, cocktails, and wines is a breeze.


Union Grounds in Brooklyn is one of the borough’s top bars for watching sports. There are still some hidden jewels to be discovered for people who yearn for the simpler things in life, even though Brooklyn may be better renowned for its art and hipster population (especially after the turn of the decade).

For those wishing to munch away during the game, we recommend a handmade hot dog or some delicious wings. Although the menu is relatively restricted, there are times when that is what you need, especially in a location where it sometimes feels as though it is catered to everyone in general but nobody in particular.

Don’t be afraid to stop by Union Grounds to see some March Madness; it has a subtle atmosphere that puts sports front and center.


The Irish Rover is a local landmark in Queens. It is the classic sports pub and the hub of the Astoria neighborhood’s sports fanatics. Don’t be turned off by the nearby and devoted crowd; everyone will be there for the exact cause during March Madness.

Sit back and listen to the locals wax poetic over the skills of Giannis Antetokounmpo, the great basketball player born in Athens, if you don’t feel like striking up a conversation right now. He recently received the MVP award for the 2021 championship series after leading the Bucks to their first NBA title since 1971.

Feel free to reserve an NYBC chauffeur service in advance if the game’s goal is to watch basketball in New York City this March.

The ability to concentrate on the one thing that matters in life – throwing a ball through a netted hoop and preventing your opponents from doing the same – comes from knowing exactly how you’re going to get to and from your destination before the actual day.