Hailing a Car Service: A Quick Way to Get a Ride

Daniel, an NYBC driver in New York City, offers his perspective on chauffeur-hailing service in his area.

Earlier this month, we made chauffeur hailing available in a few international cities, including New York City. We increased our offerings from pre-scheduled to include chauffeured rides that are immediately bookable through our smartphone.

We wanted to accomplish this without sacrificing the aspects of NYBC that our customers have grown to enjoy, including our distance-based pricing, strict health, and safety requirements, and carbon-neutral rides.

We spoke with New York City NYBC chauffeur service to obtain perspective as more and more places start to accept Limousine services.

A safer mode of transportation

While pre-arranged NYBC limo trips continue to provide guests with safe transportation alternatives across the city, chauffeur hailing, according to NYBC driver Daniel, will now enable guests to bridge some of the current travel gaps.

“In general, NYBC Luxury has a lot of clientele that maybe haven’t been able to use it when they truly need chauffeur service at short notice,” he said.

“Now that chauffeur hailing is an option, they’ll continue to use us for reservations or last-minute requests for a driver.”

Instant, adaptable rides that adhere to the same safety criteria as reserved rides

NYBC limo customers have flexibility with their schedules because of the quick availability of chauffeured transportation, according to Daniel.

“You can see in certain reservations that they want to utilize NYBC Luxury but they’re not sure what time they’re going and they keep altering the time,” he said.

“I believe chauffeur hailing would provide them with a simpler approach to not have to bother about doing all of the stuff; just say ‘I am ready to go, boom’.” 

A day that is more effective for chauffeurs

The benefits of chauffeur hailing extend beyond the visitors. To maximize his day’s productivity, Daniel suggested combining pre-scheduled and on-demand rides.

“We have dressed appropriately when we leave for work; we are already wearing suits…

Luxury SUV & Black Car Chauffeur service would be able to fill those gaps even if we were simply waiting in the city between journeys,” he said.

“In between rides, I saw someone needed a ride from Manhattan to Manhattan; if I’m close by, let me go and take care of it.”

Private travel might become persistent

Resident Daniel from New York claimed that everyone’s conduct has changed as a result of the outbreak. He has developed a deep-seated habit of donning masks.

“When you get out of a chair, your hand is already reaching into your pocket and pulling out your mask,” he said.

“I think when we don’t have to wear the mask anymore, we’re going to have some withdrawal symptoms or something,”

Regarding his neighborhood, he claimed that he had heard that some individuals who had avoided taking city trains might never again do so.

According to him, “it is something that changed and might not fully return for some people, especially people who are more fragile and don’t want to take the risk in the trains.”

“Everything depends on each individual, their health, and how much money they have available.”

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