Looking For A Safer Way To Travel Around New York City?

NYBC Luxury drivers can pick you up in minutes from work or a night out and drive you home.

According to the Department of Transportation’s Citywide Mobility survey, just over two-thirds of commuters in New York City would use the subway during a typical week before the epidemic.

That drastically altered in October 2020, when NYC DOT discovered that most New Yorkers preferred to walk or take their cars, possibly to avoid crowds of people during the pandemic.

While vaccinations have assisted New York in gradually reopening, commuters may not only be looking for other modes of safer transportation out of concern of getting the COVID-19 virus.

Why do commuters remain suspicious about subways?

According to a recent Metropolitan Transportation Authority survey, crime and harassment on trains and in stations are commuters’ top concerns, surpassing health and safety.

According to the research, commuters felt “significantly less protected from crime and accidents on the subway system than they did six months ago” in the first three months of this year.

Only 25% of metro users reported feeling protected from violence and harassment on trains, down from 65% at the end of 2019.

Safety is a top priority for all drivers, and they are all educated to make every ride, whether on-demand or scheduled booking, a calm and relaxing one. NYBC Luxury, a chauffeur service, can make New Yorkers’ commutes safer. You may hire licensed chauffeurs in New York City if you download the NYBC Luxury app.

Street harassment in NYC

According to NYC DOT’s 2019 survey results, street harassment in New York City can also be a disincentive for traveling, particularly at night or in particular districts.

A quarter or more of the women who responded claimed that because of street harassment, they had altered their travel schedules or avoided going out at night.

Eighty-three percent of respondents identified as non-binary stated they had adjusted their route or avoided walking in particular places due to street harassment.

The possibilities to simply go across the city swiftly and quietly may seem restricted if you don’t own a car—or do but would prefer not to spend most of your evening trying to find a parking spot.

They’re not, though. NYBC Limos launched a new service earlier this year to make it easier for New Yorkers to travel across the city quickly and safely.

Chauffeur hailing –an affordable & safe option

You can call on NYBC chauffeur-hailing service whenever you need it. When you download the NYBC Luxury app, any ride is possible.

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Our chauffeurs have received professional training and are all native New Yorkers with extensive local knowledge. They are competent at making your trip, no matter how brief or peaceful, because they know where road closures or construction takes place and how to avoid congestion to the greatest extent feasible.

A fixed-price ride might not be as inexpensive as a subway fare, but the security it offers your day or night will compensate for it.