6 Best Sustainable Travel Companies

The most outstanding tour operators available are here to assist you in planning more moral journeys.

Traveling sustainably involves supporting the communities you visit and the environment by minimizing or offsetting your carbon footprint.

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Some renowned travel agencies support local communities globally regarding the environment, culture, and economy.

Natural Habitat Adventures

Natural Habitat Adventures is dedicated to its aim of “conservation through discovery” and is proud to have the World Wildlife Fund as a conservation travel partner.

Naturalist leaders lead expeditions into isolated locations to make tourists ambassadors for the places they travel to.

Each tour is intimate and natural because it is small, with an average of nine individuals.

Since 2007, the tour operator has mitigated all CO2 emissions from office and travel-related activities.

South America, Alaska, Greenland, and the Amazon are among the travel destinations.


To fulfill its purpose of “making good change through the joy of travel,” Intrepid has accomplished some amazing things.

It is a member of the UN Global Compact, which offers a framework to assist it in coordinating business operations and strategies with widely acknowledged human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption standards.

In addition to being a carbon-neutral business since 2010, it strives to switch to 100% renewable energy in all workplaces by 2025 and in all travel by 2030.

Additionally, according to its website, it has established an emission reduction goal to reduce emissions “at a speed and scale that science shows is necessary to limit global warming to 1.5°C.”

That is just the surroundings, though. As tour guides for their groups on more than 1,000 trips across the world, Intrepid also honors “local leaders.”

They have also established a non-profit group called The Intrepid Foundation, which collaborates with grassroots initiatives in various fields, including healthcare, education, human rights, and gender equality.


Most people will scan through Trip Advisor to read evaluations of the ambiance, friendliness, and food quality if they’re in a new place and have trouble choosing a restaurant or coffee shop.

But what if there was a way to choose restaurants based on their use of sustainable practices?

A platform called Kynder features recommendations for socially and environmentally responsible hotels.

Kynder carefully selects each location to ensure it fits several standards, such as environmental practices, employee well-being, and community involvement.

It’s fair to say that most recommendations are from within the United States since the site was founded in San Francisco.

Kind Traveler

With Kind Traveler’s “Give + Get” hotel booking service, you may give to a good cause and receive exclusive hotel discounts.

It would help if you chose a destination in the United States, Europe, Latin America, or Asia, then looked for a hotel there.

The local charity you would donate to is also disclosed by Kind Traveler, along with information about the hotels’ wellness programs, sustainability efforts, and community impact. All charities must support a minimum of one UN Global Goal for Sustainable Development.

In more than 22 countries, a $10 payment might grant you access to unique benefits at the hotel of your choice.


Travel may be more than just an enjoyable excursion away from home; it can also be an opportunity to learn about and interact with various cultures.

At Collette, the emphasis is not just on travel but also on how each trip can benefit the locals, wildlife, and environment it supports.

Colette lists a few requirements for locations, including identifying locals who can best represent the cultural richness and legacy of the area, figuring out how their tours may benefit the community if necessary, collaborating with local restaurants, and assuring the ethical treatment of animals.

Examples include an Australian trip allowing visitors to adopt a penguin on Phillip Island Penguin Reserve, a tour in Switzerland that exclusively travels by rail to limit the carbon effect, and a meal run by acid-attack survivors.

Much Better Adventures

This tour operator caters to the more daring traveler with activities like wild climbs, rapid rafting, and wild swimming in Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, and the Americas.

Much Better Adventures depends on local tour guides to show off their backyards because the company offers such isolated areas. The business exclusively collaborates with locally owned, independent enterprises. It states that for every $100 spent, the local economy receives roughly $80 back.

Additionally, Much Better Adventures tracks and documents its carbon footprint and donates 5% of its earnings to rewilding and reforestation initiatives.

Much Better Adventures is a part of a more extensive campaign to create a more regenerative tourist sector as a co-founder of the Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency initiative.

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